Contributed technical talks and hands-on sessions guidelines

What should be in contributed technical talks?

  • What does the new code addition do?
  • How to use it? (Flags, Parameters, additional IC-values, …)
  • If already known: common problems
  • What was it already used for?
  • What could be achieved with it?

This should be a technical talk, not a science talk! The main focus should be on the first two points. Science outcomes can shortly be presented to show what is possible with the tool and to make clear what has already been done, but should not take up most of the time of the presentation.

Boundary conditions:

  • 20 min talks + 10 min discussion = 30 min time slots
  • Please provide a basic documentation of your tool that can be published on the conference website

Hands-on sessions

In addition to the technical talks, we would like to organise hands-on sessions where participants with good knowledge of a module, postprocessing tool or any practical know-how on the arepo code help others to use it. It is possible (and even encouraged) to propose both a talk and a hands-on session on the same topic. It is also possible to propose more than one hands-on session, and to co-host them with other participants (in the latter case, please just submit it once).